Kimilia Ann Basinger, aka Kim Basinger, was born December 8, 1953 under the sign of Sagittarius, in Athens, Georgia, a small town in the south of the United States. She's 5 ft 7.5 tall.
Her father, Donald, was a musician. He graduated at the Conservatory of Chicago and after became a trumpeter and pianist. Later, he became a bank manager. He took part at the landing at Normandy in 1944.
The mother, Ann Basinger, was a model and an actress. But she was also a swimming champion. For this reason she worked in Esther Williams's movie.
Kim has got two younger sisters, Ashely and Barbara and two older brothers: Skip and Mick. Mick is a marketing manager.
About her mother, Kim, during an interview, said: " though she loves children like crazy, she wouldn't have had any. My mother was always ahead of time. If I were in her shoes, I wouldn't have got married".
During her adolescence, Kim was really shy and she was often humiliated by her brothers. At school she was called "Niger lips" because of her big lips. She was forced by her parents to subject to several test to understand if she was autistic. Since an early age, Kim, infact, has struggled with panic attacks and agoraphobia. She has been known to spend up to six months at a time indoors and she is attempting to combat the problem with therapy. An otherwise realistic, down to earth woman, Basinger has tried to keep her head in with the movie business, saying that “My hand still shakes when I sign autographs. I still go and sit in the movies like everyone else and look up there and go ‘God! Movie stars! Wow!’ And I'm in this business. I walk out there just fascinated and I always want to stay like that. I'm just a little kid going to these movies and I don't ever want to change". The father to encourage her, forced Kim to recite poetry in public. She, then, just like her mother, took swimming, song and dance lessons.

At sixteen Kim, by her father, was enrolled at Miss Athens contest. Kim sang "Wouldn't it be lovely" from "My Fair Lady" and won. She took part also in others two beauty contest: "Junior Miss Georgia" and later "National Junior Miss".
Then she was selected by Eileen Ford for the Eileen Ford Model Agency.
With the support of her fiancé, the model Dale Robinette, Kim became really famous as model and, at twenty, she earned 1000$ by day. With Eileen Ford Model Agency Kim worked for the Maybelline and the Revlon cosmetics. The commercial for the Breck shampoo was very popular in the 70's and she was a really well known girl. But she didn't like the model career and so she enrolled at "Neighborhood Playhouse" the most prestigious school of acting in New York. During these years Kim worked at Greenwich village as singer with the penname of Chelsea.
Kim said about her model work:"A really disgusting job, but I had a lot of money. I had bad experiences but what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger."

In 1976 Kim moved to Los Angeles in a modest motel and starred in the most famous tv series of the 70's such as Charlie's Angels, Gemini Man, Vega$ or The six million dollar man. The crime drama Dog and cat  wherein Kim was the lead actress, was a flop and was deleted after few episodes. Then she starred in a tv movie, The ghost of the flight 401, but it was with From Here To Eternity - a tv movie of late 70's - that Kim achieved success.
Her first movie on the big screen was Hard Country (1981).  Although it wasn't an hit, it allowed Kim to reach the U.S theaters.
On the set of Hard Country, Kim met Ron Britton. Kim and Ron got married in 1980. They lived together until 1989 when they divorced. Kim pays 8.000$ monthly alimony and made the mortgage payments on their San Fernando Valley home where he continued to reside.
In the 1982 Kim starred in Mother Lode, an adventure movie with Charlton Heaston. Since the movie wasn't an hit, Kim did in 1983 - a really important year for Kim - a nude photo shoot for Playboy on the Hawaii's beaches. The photo shoot was very debatable and Kim became popular as cover girl on Playboy magazine. Thanks to the hot success with her nude photos, Kim starred in the new James Bond movie, Never Say Never Again in the 1983.

In 1983 she filmed with Burt Raynolds and Julie Andrews The man who loved the women where Kim plays a role of a nymphomaniac girl.
In 1984 she was nominated - for her first time - at Golden Globe for her role in The Natural, a movie with Robert Redford and Glenn Close. The turning point of her career was in 1986 with the censored and controversial 9 1\2 Weeks by Adrian Lyne and starred by Mickey Rourke. Kim emerged as sexy icon.
The movie was not very successful in the US, but in the rest of world it was a really commercial moneymaker.
In Italy, for example, the movie was at the third place of the most watched movie of the year with 5.815.779.000 £. So the movie became a very big hit also in the United Stated becoming the most rental film of the year. Even though 9 1\2Weeks before coming to the big screen was re-edited several times, it had a lot of problem with the censor. But those two hours was enough to shock the world and project Kim in the Hollywood star system.
After 9 and half weeks Kim shooted No mercy with Richard Gere. There was a romantic feeling between Richard and Kim.
Ron Britton - Kim's husband when she was shooting No mercy -published - on his book "Longer than forever "-  the love letters that Richard and Kim sent each other.
After the shooting of the movie Kim and Richard broke up.
Kim was at the top of her career. After No Mercy filmed the new Blake Edward's movie Blind Date, where she met Bruce Willis. The movie was a big hit.

Kim in 1989 became Viki Vale in Batman, one of the most blockbuster film of all time. The big success and fame pushed Kim to buy the town of Braselton (founded in 1876) for 20 million $ by promising to 450 inhabitants : "friends of mine, don't worry, Braselton won't become a nightmare of reinforced concrete, I will preserve its natural size, I want to keep the meadows, the green ... you know, on these fields are often coming when I was a teenager with friends, here I learned what is the oral sex!" Kim in Braselton wanted to create a tourist center and a support point for the cinema with Pictures Corporation and film studios. Because of her bankrupt, after Kim's breach-of-contract for Boxing Helena, she had to sell Braselton.

Ron Britton and Kim Basinger divorced during the Batman shooting when Kim had a love story with Prince, author of the soundtrack of the film. With Prince Kim recorded Scandalous Sex Suite. "Scandalous" is the eighth track on Prince's album for Batman and was released as the album's fourth single, five months after the album was released. A maxi-single was released after the single, titled The Scandalous Sex Suite, which contained a three part 19 minute suite of the song Scandalous, the three parts named The Crime, The Passion and The Rapture. Kim, who played the character Vicki Vale in Batman, also appeared on the maxi-single. During the recording of the song it is said that the two preferred to be alone in the recording studio to give more credibility to moans and whispers that were the background to the song.
Kim and Prince in 1989 recorded un unreleased album, Hollywood Affair where Kim sings with Prince. The tracks are :
2Naughty - Action action - Colour of Sex - Come on - I Wanna - Love at the first sight -My love will find u - Show me - Will you stay with me.
As Kim said, with Prince, she abused of drugs and alcohol. During shooting of Batman, Kim has also had an affair with John Peterson the movie producer.
Kim justified himself by saying: "At that time I was hungry for sex". Kim released other interviews in which she explained: "I'm going through a period of my life that I could say gypsy. I do not know what my place, but I'm trying to find out".

In 1991 Kim was in the cast of The Marrying Man where she met Alec Baldwin. Between Alec and Kim there was a love at first sight and on say that they preferred to stay enclosed in their dressing room than to work on set. It says that Kim demanded to wash her hair with Evian mineral water or that she insisted to reach the New Mexico for going to her physiologist. The shots were hard and the production costs levitated so much that Disney Studios said:" Kim will never work for us."
The film was a flop but Kim sang the soundtrack. Her voice was insuperable. The soundtrack list is: Let's Do It - Satisfy my Soul -  Why Can't You Behave - Murder She said - Satisfy - Love Is The Thing.
In 1992 Kim recorded the single and the music video of Shake your head with Ozzy Osburn. In the same year Kim starred next to Richard Gere and Uma Thurman in the thriller Final Analysis. In this year Kim was honored with a star on the Walk of Fame and in 1993 shooted Cool World alongside Brad Pitt. She also recorded a music video directed by Tom Petty, Mary Jane last dance.
The 1993 was the end of Kim's golden era. She orally - without to sign any contract - accepted to play in Boxing Helena a movie directed by David Lynch's daughter.
When she read with care the script she became aware of several and multiple nude and violence scene that she turned down the role. The Main Line Picture Production Company charged with Kim Basinger to broke the contract. Eventually Basinger was the subject of an adverse jury verdict for over $8.1 million.
Kim said "I always paid in person and I can afford it, moreover if this sum is used to save my soul, no price is too high."
During the process (March 1993) Kim provided documentary evidence that she had expenses monthly amounting to 43.100  thousand dollars.
Some of these money was destined to the alimony of the former husband Ron Britton, others were, instead, destined for clothing and for Kim's pets.
This caused Basinger to enter bankruptcy, but the verdict was then set aside on appeal in 1994.
About the trial Kim said: "I am extremely pleased with the court's decision, I still maintain that there was no contract, oral or otherwise and I just thought that an oral contract is not legally binding." Later he also added: "With this process, some fogy wanted to punish me and my boyfriend Alec Baldwin for the extravagance of our lives." After the trial the cachet of Kim (3 or 4 million dollars by film) was scaled down.

Kim's marriage was celebrated on the beach of Long Island in New York on august 19, 1993.
The marriage was an intimate ceremony, 7 minutes, and with about 65 guests. In the same year Kim played again next to her husband Alec Baldwin in the remake Getaway, a harsh and violent film that provoked several debate about numerous sex scenes between Alec and Kim. The most said that Kim and Alec have really made sex on the set, but Kim defended herself by saying : "Of course with my husband in the erotic scenes I feel less embarrassed. But what I do on the set has nothing to do with our intimacy.

In 1993 for Peta association Kim is nude again. The association fights against the use of furs. The phrase for the campaign launch was:
"I'd rather go naked than fur"
In 1994 was called again by Altman for Ready To Wear aka Prèt A porter.

Monday, October 23, 1995 Kim Basinger becomes mom.
Kim gives birth to a beautiful little girl of about 4 kg named Ireland. Because of maternity Kim broke up the filming Kansas City, directed by Robert Altman.
It was rumored that Kim was sick and for this reason was forced to give up the new Altman's movie, but she said: "I never felt better in my life, but the fact that I'm pregnant and at my age I need some precaution."

Cannes -  may 1997: Kim presents hers latest film, directed by Curtis Hanson, LA Confidential. Kim receives applauses and many good reviews.
Kim was really appreciated in the role of prostitute lookalike of Veronica Lake.
The movie was an hit. Much more than one hundred million dollar in all the world. The reviews was all great. The titles of the press was: "Welcome back dark lady". The movie was considered as a masterpiece and Kim won a Golden Globe and an Academy Awards as best actress in supporting role. She won also, in the same year with Gloria Stuart, the Actor's Guild.
In 1999 Kim attends at Golden Globe and at the ceremony of Oscars.
In 2000 she gains 5 million dollar playing the role of Kuki Gallmann in I Dreamed of Africa. The movie was a flop.

In 2001 Kim and Alec divorced. They were at center of all media for the custody battle of Ireland.
Kim also accused Alec of domestic violence. Very famous was the outbursts of the couple during public events. In 2002 Kim was admitted to a hospital because of the beating of her husband who forced her to a back surgery.

In 2002 Kim was the Eminem's mother in 8 Mile. The movie was a great blockbuster and the reviews was all good. 8 Mile was the first film to gain more than 50 millions of dollar in the first week-end.
In 2003, there were some rumors about an affair with Kim and Al Pacino.
In the 2004 Kim plays in three films. The Door In The Floor - a controversial movie for the several sexual scenes between Kim and the young actor Jon Foster.
Kim about the movie said: "I loved this story. The character of Marion arrived at the right time in my life. If I wasn't mother I couldn't do it. I identified myself with the loneliness, the inner emptiness of this woman that, after the loss of her two children, can't give her love to the little daughter, the only one is remaining to her after the loss. I really love this role because it undertakes me more inwardly than physically".
About Kim's nude scenes the director of the movie said: "Kim is beautiful. She turned 50 but she has the body and movements of a twenty-five."

After the break up with Alec Baldwin, after a life spent with him, in 2004 Kim sell at auction a few pieces of own jewelry collection. Among them there was a diamond carat 3.7 that Alec Baldwin had bought at Christie's.
Proceeds of sale was donated to the Performing Animal Welfar Society.

In 2004 Kim filmed Cellular. She said: "It 's funny because just a while ago I was wondering when a film like that would be filmed. It was really hard. It's difficult to act when your co-star it's a mobile. Then I moved to Albukerke for Elvis has left the building. I needed a comedy. I worked with a group of great people. I enjoyed acting in a kind of action and popcorn movie. When I knew that there were William Masey, Jason Statham and Chris Evans ... It was great fun."

2006 was a very busy year for Kim. She was the co-star of Michael Douglas and Eva Longoria in The Sentinel, the co-star of Danny De Vito in Even Money. Then she starred in the Lifetime original movie The Mermaid Chair as a married woman who falls in love with a monk. Furthermore in the same year Kim is the testimonial of Miu Miu's spring summer collection.
Also December 14, 2006 finally ended the bitter fight for custody of her daughter Ireland Baldwin. The two actors committed to respect the agreements established by the court for the good of Ireland.
After the divorce Alec, decided to write a book on divorce, Kim warned him from writing it. Alec asserted that Kim kept him from being with Ireland enough and that he never notified when she was ill.
Kim  accused her husband of  being like Saddam Hussein... In Short, an endless

With The Informers, that in January 2009 premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, Kim - 23 years later Nine and half weeks - was again co-starring with Mickey Rourke. The movie premier was  at the ArcLight Theater (April 16, 2009) in Los Angeles, California. In the same year she works with Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence in the drama The Burning Plan.
On December 8th, 2013 Kim celebrates her 60th birthday and signs a modeling contract with the IMG MODEL, the same agency her 18-year-old Ireland.
"Kim has a powerful appeal on screen that will lend itself as a strong asset for us to seek innovative partnerships across the modeling and entertainment platform for Kim," Ivan Bart, senior VP and managing director of IMG Models, told Variety. She's also got years of experience, having been in the entertainment world since she was just a bit older than Ireland is now."
At the Grudge Match's premier (the new sporting movie with Rober De Niro e Sylvester Stallone)  Kim shocks the world.  She wore a pinstripe mobster style suit. All eyes was on her eccentric beauty.
Her recent project are the Danish movie I Am here directed by Andres Morgenthaler and Nice Guy, the new Shane Balck's movie. The film stars Ryan Gosling, Russell Crowe, Matt Bomer

Roles turned down by Kim Basinger:
Basic Instinct - Batman Returns - Pretty Woman - The Postman Always Rings Twice - Kansas City - Sleeping with the Enemy - The Princess Diaries - Sleepless in Seattle - King Kong - 10 - An Officer and a Gentleman

Kim evaluates her movie partners
Sean Connery: "Women love him, but he loves golf."
Burt Reynolds: "He is like Johnny Carson, has the same subtle humor and he is always quick on the draw. He's absolutely the best improviser in flow."
Robert Redford; "I love him. It's really hard to be Robert Redford. I want to say him - by media or by phone - that to compare him to Don Quayle it was the most stupid thing the you could do."
Mickey Rourke: "I've never really knew him. It's strange, I know. I've the opportunity of meeting him just as John."
Jeffe Bridges: "He can transform himself in what he wants. In my opinion, this it's a beautiful compliment. He's just the most friendly person I know.
Bruce Willis: "It 's very polite, a true gentleman . I don't understand how they can say that he's crabby , although I realize that sometimes he can be really was . It can happen to everyone. There is no need to make it so long."
Richard Gere: "I love him warmly. He's a very sensitive guy but, perhaps he's unappreciated. I'd like to see him in a comic role."
Dan Aykroyd: He's very funny and charming, but he's also very weird as person and this makes him so hilarious.
Vincent Pérez: "He was the most incredible I had ever worked and he had the biggest heart of anybody I've ever worked with."